Outrigger Canoe Paddling

Both of my daughters began racing outrigger canoes with Kailua Canoe Club when they were 12 years old. After ferrying them to practices and races for a few years, I came to the conclusion that (a) competitive paddling requires far too much time and commitment; and (b) it would be fun to try it for just one season.

I’ve continued to paddle ever since that “just one season”. Here is a picture from my first Molokai crossing in 2009 (I am in the last seat, steering the canoe):

Shakadown Street

There’s no doubt about it. Playing electric guitar in a rock and roll band is fun.  Also loud. And playing until 2am in smoky bars, then lugging the equipment home gets old (for old people like me) very fast.  Here’s a clip from back in the day with my partners in crime: Paul Perrone, Justin Murata, Steve Bazo, and Jennifer Eisenberger:


Despite the lack of any relevant aptitude or skill, I was invited to play guitar with Mabanzi, a band that played marimba music from the Shona people of Zimbabwe. Both Katie and Joanne played marimba in the band as well.  Here’s a picture from one of our first gigs: Katie’s Bat Mitzvah.  Mazeltov!